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§1. Linking to the amavat® website

Linking to the amavat® website is permissible if it serves to make available a greater quantity of information on a given subject to a visitor to another website. Linking showing a clear misinforming of visitors through connection with the amavat® website of a page thematically unrelated is forbidden.

Please do not provide direct links to individual pages of our range since some navigational elements are in certain circumstances not initiated correctly in the case of remote ASP call up of individual pages. In response to a detailed inquiry we will convey to you links directly to specific fragments of our content. No liability is borne by amavat® for irregularities relating to calling up of the amavat® website by way of other websites.

§2. Data protection

All data provided or acquired by way of this website are treated in accordance with the federal act on protection of personal data (BDSG), the act on protection of data from telecommunications services (TDDSG), the national agreement on media services (MDStV) and the act on information and communications services (IuKDG).

§3. Data conveyed to amavat®

Data conveyed to getsix Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as amavat®), Wrocław, will be treated confidentially and utilised exclusively for purposes provided for by the user. Without the explicit consent of the user personal data will not be conveyed to third parties.

§4. Cookies and JavaScript

The amavat® website makes use of cookies, e.g. for the recording of settings relating to language, and, at the customer side, of JavaScript, e.g. for menu operation. In order to be able to make use fully of the functions of the amavat® website, these settings must be activated in the settings of the web browser. Cookies and JavaScript are utiliSed exclusively for navigation of the website.

§5. External websites

We wish to draw attention to the fact that at external websites, connected by links with the amavat® website, data may be collected which are not conveyed to amavat® and for the utilisation of which amavat® does not bear liability.

§6. Security of data entered

Access to the amavat® website takes place via the open protocol HTTP. Data entered by visitors to the amavat® website may possibly be recorded in the course of transactions also by third parties. This fact lies beyond the scope of the influence and liability of amavat®.

§7. Email addresses provided

Providing an email address in a form of this website, a user establishes active contact with amavat® (Opt-in). In this way amavat® gains the right to send information to the email address provided. Email addresses provided are not conveyed by amavat® to third parties.

If a sender does not wish to receive information from amavat®, this sender may at any time send an email to the address of amavat®, contact us, entering as the subject ‘Opt-out’. The given email address will be removed from the amavat® database. There is no possibility of blocking in the above manner messages generated automatically by our program for the service of the website confirming the entering of data.

Sending the message ‘Opt-out’ for an email address for which a password has been created at the website brings about the deactivation of data entered and the removal of the password from the system.

§8. Copyright

All articles are copyright of amavat®. This website and all content and images placed at it are protected by copyright. Any use infringing the strict limits of law on authors’ rights, without the prior written consent of amavat®, is unacceptable and forbidden.

§9. Copyright of connected websites

Copyright also protects the content of partner websites placed at the amavat® website. The basis for the protection of the content of the websites of our partners are bilateral agreements concluded between the partner website and amavat®. It is necessary to abide also by the copyright and authors’ rights of amavat® partner websites.

§10. All rights reserved

Solely with the prior written consent of amavat® content may be copied and distributed as well as archived electronically or made available in electronic form. All rights reserved.

§11. Authors' rights

All articles are copyright of the given article author. If amavat® uses only an abbreviation of the surname of an author, in response to an inquiry we will send the full surname of the given author.

§12. Use of articles placed at this website

Use of articles placed at this website is permissible solely for personal purposes linked with the reading of information from the website by a visitor. Creation of one or more copies is not permissible. Only those articles placed in the Downloads section are intended for reproduction and distribution.

§13. Lack of liability for external links

In a judgement of 12 September 1999, 312 O 85/99?, ‘Liability for links’?, the Regional Court of Hamburg decided that a person placing a link bears joint liability for the content of the website to which the link leads. In accordance with the judgement of the Regional Court, it is possible to prevent this only by explicitly distancing oneself from this content.

§14. Explicit distancing of ourselves from the content of external pages and websites to which links lead, and from the manner in which they act

We hereby distance ourselves explicitly from all content placed on pages or in files or graphics to which links placed by us lead and thus do not acknowledge them as our own. All violations of binding laws, customs or morals which become known to us will result in immediate removal of links, entries, graphics or any other forms of reference from the amavat® website. Liability for content and information placed at connected pages or at Internet addresses provided will be borne exclusively by the given URL owner, provider or administrator.

§15. Links to external pages and websites

In the case of simple URL links to external pages or websites the concern is connection with publicly available information at the website to which the link leads. Generally amavat® does not check whether the connection by link with the amavat® website is permissible.

If your website is connected by link with our website and you prefer no connection of this type, please inform us. We will immediately remove the link.

§16. Validity of links

All links to external providers were checked at the time of their introduction with regard to their correctness. Given, however, that the Internet is subject to continuous change, amavat® is unable to guarantee that at the time of your visit to our website the links:

a) still lead to the destination;
b) still contain the same content as at the time of their introduction.

In particular amavat® emphasizes that link content is not its property. Moreover, amavat® does not assume liability for the content of given websites and the manner in which they act. Links to external providers do not constitute assessments or recommendations by amavat®.

If you encounter at our website invalid or incorrect links or references which violate articles of law or decency, please inform us.

§17. Liability for content as defined by the MDStV

As defined by §6 of the national act on media services, liability for that content on the amavat® website which is our own is borne by the board of directors of getsix Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. As defined by press law, liability for that content on the amavat® website which is our own is borne by the board of directors of getsix Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG.

§18. Without guarantee and liability

The editorial section, despite scrupulous inspection and checking of sources, gives no guarantee of the truthfulness of content. Any liability for loss or damage arising as a result of information or content placed at this website is ruled out. Solely the right to publication of a correction or different version applies.