Registrácia DPH / zrušenie registrácie

VAT Registration Service

Managing overseas VAT registrations requires knowledge of local tax authority regulations and the relevant language skills, if the process is to be handled effectively and the VAT registration number issued promptly.

Given the specialist knowledge that is required, businesses can benefit from having a single, practical and professional point of contact managing the full range of their international VAT compliance obligations.

The member firms of amavat Europe offers a pragmatic, streamlined and cost-effective service. This means that rather than having to establish and maintain relationships in multiple countries, deal with different languages and complex tax authority bureaucracy, you can entrust it to people with the expertise and experience to meet your business’s needs.

A complete VAT registration service

The amavat Europe VAT registration service covers the entire process from reviewing your business activities to confirm why a VAT registration is appropriate through to the VAT registration number being issued. Obtaining a VAT registration number doesn’t mark the end of our work though – the member firms of amavat Europe will guide you through invoicing customers, and the declarations that you will need to submit.

amavat Europe services include:

  • Preparation and submission of all relevant application forms,
  • Arranging translation of key documents relevant to the process, for example: power of attorney and tax authority correspondence,
  • Consultation with a VAT consultant to discuss EU VAT obligations (as required),
  • Advice on the information that needs to be provided to the tax authority,
  • Advice on the start date which should apply to the VAT registration,
  • Advice on local VAT rates and deductible amounts of VAT,
  • Advice on bank guarantees and fiscal representation (as required),
  • Liaison with the local tax authority until the VAT registration number is issued.

amavat Europe VAT registrations are a one-off cost and are charged at €420.00 per country.

Growing with your business

The nature of international business activity means that additional VAT registrations may be required as your business grows. Whenever there is a need for additional VAT registrations, the member firms of amavat Europe can help by offering assistance with the following:

  • VAT registrations in all 28 EU member states,
  • VAT registrations in non-EU countries,
  • Fiscal representation (as required),
  • VAT returns,
  • Intrastat reporting,
  • EC sales list preparation.

VAT De-Registration

The rationale for a VAT registration needs to be reviewed on an ongoing basis, as any changes to a business’ activity may mean the registration is no longer required.

If this happens, there is a requirement to de-register.

The member firms of amavat Europe can help you to establish when de-registration is appropriate and assist with making an application to the tax authority on your behalf to de-register your business for VAT purposes. At the same time, we can also advise on how to make sure that all VAT incurred by the business in the country concerned is recovered.

amavat Europe VAT De-Registrations are a one-off cost and are charged at €500.00 per country.