Prehlásenie o predajných zoznamoch ES (ESL)

The ESL services

The EC Sales List known as the ESL is filled out by our team of specialists according to very precise specifications.

How should you send amavat Europe your ESLs?

Simply send us a copy of your invoices for incoming and outgoing supplies for the last 10 months. The ESLs must be submitted to the customs service’s according to the official timetable.

What are the services?

  • The ESLs are filled out and directly submitted to the customs authorities electronically,
  • We verify the compliance of the invoices and the transactions using our software (to find out more about ESL and Intrastat please click here),
  • We check for double entries,
  • We verify the VAT numbers of your customers (according to the country key),
  • We calculate the statistical values,
  • We can provide you with additional data if you so request it.

What do you get in return?

After completing the ESL, prior to filing your VAT return, you will receive a summary per submitted invoice:

  • The invoice number,
  • The VAT value,
  • The settlement of the VAT so that you can manage your VAT return,
  • Additional remarks, if necessary.